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The story

Alien beings are attacking the earth with a variety of monsters. They want to destroy your existing infrastructure and take over your headquarter. These monsters are very cunning and have different abilities that you need to take into account in your strategy. Among other tactics, they also attack with UFOs that want to destroy your defences from the air during the invasion.

Your task is gigantic: You must fend off the alien attack, face the dangers and achieve victory in a merciless battle to save humanity from destruction. Develop your own tactics to counter the aliens and defend yourself against their attacks!

Don’t want to get bored while playing a quick, action-packed tower defence game? Then you’ll love Crazy Monsters! The game offers fast-paced, action-packed battles, sneaky enemies and explosions!

Which skills do you need for the fight?

You need to be able to react to attacks at lightning speed and change your tactics at any time. In addition, you need the right weapons. At the start of every battle, you will be given a budget to build up your lines of defence. Think about your air force, for example. It can help you when things get really tough. You operate on 36 different battlefields with different levels of difficulty: Guaranteeing many hours of unlimited fun!

Choose your lines of defence carefully to prevent the monsters from reaching your headquarter. Be prepared for many unexpected surprises due to the aliens‘ offensive tactics. They attack by land and through the air. Always keep an eye on your budget so that you can make repairs and upgrades at any time. Stay on your guard, because a wrong decision in just one second can determine your fate and lead you to defeat instead of victory.

Use the right strategy!

The tower defence game is an intelligent strategy game. No card is the same, there are always several solutions for victory. You can handle the cards in any way you like and therefore win the battle with very different strategies. There is no single golden path to victory. Crazy Monsters challenges you and guarantees hours of fun. You will spend a lot of time with the game in the future and hone your tactics. As a commander, you will prove your special skills in this game: This will give you a whole new level of excitement!

What’s so special about Crazy Monsters?

▶ Exciting game with a high fun factor

▶ Can be played offline for hours

▶ Four difficulty levels with individual strategies in four different locations

▶ 36 challengingly designed maps

▶ Intelligent game in which 26 enemies with individual characteristics act independently and attack you by surprise

▶ High-tech weapons, mines, air strikes and many other weapons for you as a strong commander

▶ Two types of playing fields: fixed paths and open terrain

▶ Intuitive game with great graphics and appealing background music

▶ without subscription, advertising & in-app purchase obligation

▶ Internet access not required to play: buy once – play forever

▶ Optimised for the following devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac (M1 processor or higher)

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Game controls

To prevent the alien invasion, you must set the following options. Firstly, select the mission and a battlefield. At the beginning, only a few battlefields are unlocked. As soon as you have proven that you can lead the defence troops, additional ones will be unlocked. You can subsequently determine the level of difficulty. This determines, among other things, how tough the opponents will be and how big your budget will be. With each promotion, more playgrounds and challenges are added. Finally, you have the option of requesting air support. Decide for yourself which weapons are useful for defence. Some monsters can only be fought effectively this way.

The aliens attack in several waves from the marked landing sites and want to take over the headquarter.

The upper game bar shows your budget, the number of attack waves and your available units. Each enemy unit that reaches the headquarter reduces the status by 10%.

A radar appears below so that you can recognise troop movements at an early stage.
The game bar at the bottom shows you the upcoming attack waves. You can also call up the settings on the left or set the standard zoom. On the right-hand side, you have the option of interrupting your own attack or switching between defence and air strike.

To build a defence emplacement, click on the corresponding position on the playground and select the unit from the menu. If your budget is sufficient, the unit is built and is immediately active.

To expand a defence unit, simply click on the corresponding unit and select the „Expand“ command from the menu.

If you no longer need the position, you can also select the „Sell“ command in the menu. You will be credited the remaining value.

In the event of an enemy air attack, you must react quickly and build air defence positions if necessary. Here we offer a quick option in the menu to swap units.

If an existing unit is selected, you can see the current range of the weapon and the range of the next level. If a unit is damaged by an air strike, you can also repair it right here.

In the first mission, battlefields 1 to 3 have a tutorial to familiarise you with the game and give you hints. In the other missions, the first battlefield always has a tutorial to introduce you to the new features.

The tutorial is switched off when a battlefield has been successfully completed.


If you have requested air support prior to the game and would like to use it, click on the combat mode button at the bottom right. Now mark the location on the playground and select the type of support in the menu. After confirmation, the attack takes place and the game switches back to defence mode.

The individual weapons are described in detail in the „Defence“ section.

Tower Arena: Time for heroes (Session 3)

Have you had enough of being bored and finally want to play a great modern strategy game? Then Tower Arena is exactly what you need. Here you will experience a strategy game at the highest level. The game is the successor to Strategy War and offers even more variations and tactics.


The game has three different types of terrain that require different strategies.

Firstly, there are playgrounds with open terrain. Try to extend the paths here so that the opponent has no way of reaching the headquarter directly. Perhaps you can take advantage of the terrain here to build better lines of defence.

On the other hand, there are fixed paths for the enemy. Here you have to position your troops so skilfully that the monsters are prevented from reaching the objective. But be careful with junctions and crossroads.

Finally, there are some playgrounds with open terrain and marked paths. Here you should make sure that the monsters use these paths to neutralise them.

The enemies get stronger with each wave of attack, so you have to keep reinforcing your troops.

Open terrain

Strategic paths

Fixed paths

Strategy War: Battle Game (Session 2)

Attention strategy game enthusiasts! Looking for a war game that will put your tactical skills to the ultimate test and keep you entertained for hours? Look no further! Play Strategy War. The game is the successor to Battle Alliance.

The defence

You have the following units at your disposal to prevent the monsters from conquering the headquarter. In addition to infantry and artillery, you also have some high-tech weapons, fortifications and mines. If you wish, you can also benefit from air support when things get tricky in battle.

PLASMA (For ground targets)

Use the Plasma weapon to attack monsters on the ground with pinpoint accuracy or to create obstacles. The purchase price is very low, so you need to carefully consider when to use this weapon.

LASER (For air & ground targets)

With the Laser weapon, you can fight monsters on the ground and in the air with pinpoint accuracy. For the price-performance ratio, you get a weapon with a moderate range and poor penetrating power.

GRENADE LAUNCHER (For ground targets)

With the Grenade Launcher, you can fight monsters on the ground with pinpoint accuracy. The purchase price is significantly higher. However, it is the perfect weapon in its category, but cannot be used to attack flying monsters.

CANNON (For ground targets)

This Cannon is suitable for performing area-wide ground attacks against monsters at long range. However, given its high purchase price, this weapon is very sluggish and useless at close range.

GUIDED MISSILE (For air & ground targets)

Use this Guided Missile to attack all monsters and UFOs at long range with pinpoint accuracy as well as with a high frequency. It is the perfect weapon for long distances. However, it is useless at short range.

AIR DEFENCE (For air targets)

This Air Defense weapon fights all flying monsters and UFOs with pinpoint accuracy and a high frequency at long range. However, the weapon is useless at short range.

FORCE FIELD (For ground targets)

This force field weapon has a unique technology to slow down monsters for a certain period of time. The opponents do not take any damage. This also comes at a price!

ELECTRIC TOWER (For air & ground targets)

The Electric Tower serves as an obstacle for all monsters and flying monsters avoid these areas because they cannot tolerate the electromagnetic waves.

POWER STATION (For your own troops)

Use the Power Station to supply the neighbouring units with additional energy. This increases the penetrating power of the weapons. Unfortunately, the running costs for operation are very high!


The Wall serves as an obstacle for monsters and is a simple and cheap way to extend troop movement. This object is no obstacle for flying monsters.

MINE (For ground targets)

The Mine fights all monsters (with the exception of slug-like monsters) on direct contact with the ground. The weapon has a good price-performance ratio.

SENSOR BOMB (For ground targets)

The Sensor bomb is suitable for ground targets and fights all monsters in the immediate proximity when the rotating laser beam is touched. Due to its effectiveness, the purchase price is very high.



All alien monsters are neutralised in a large area by the pungent-smelling hydrogen chloride gas. Even your own positions are destroyed!



All alien monsters are attacked and neutralised in a large area with phosphorus gas. Your own positions are protected!



All alien monsters can no longer fly due to the fine acid dust and crash, making it a very effective weapon against flying monsters.



All spider-like monsters are attacked and eliminated with the sodium bomb. This is a very effective weapon against monsters which react highly explosive!



All beetle-, caterpillar- or snail-like monsters are attacked with Hydragas and disabled for a short time.



Due to the high temperature at the area of impact, all alien monsters within a large area are destroyed on the ground.



The destructive effect of the bomb is mainly achieved by the large number of metal parts and combats all alien monsters on the ground within a small radius.



The devastating effect of the bomb is mainly achieved by the large number of metal parts and combats all alien monsters on the ground in a large radius.



All the alien monsters on the ground are prevented from continuing on their way by a heavy fog. There is no explosion, but the charge slowly burns down, producing a lot of smoke.



All pug-like monsters are disabled for a short time by generating sound waves with a high intensity that can lead to death.

Battle Alliance: Tower Defense (Session 1)

There are many tower defence war games, but Battle Alliance takes the genre to a new level and simply offers everything: fast-paced, action-packed battles! Strategy! Sneaky enemies! Explosions! Your skills alone will decide whether your nation wins or loses.


The aliens are trying to conquer the headquarter with the following units in order to gain control of Earth’s resources. Familiarise yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of the monsters.


This monster is only used for reconnaissance. It is not aggressive, runs very slowly and appears in a large group.


This monster belongs to a fighting unit and is lightly armed. It runs very slowly and appears somewhat uncontrolled in its movement.


This monster is difficult for our units to recognise due to an unknown layer. It runs quickly and quietly through the terrain and is not aggressive.


This lumbering monster has an antler-like enlarged upper jaw and will not be stopped by light weapons.


This lumbering monster has an antler-like enlarged upper jaw and cannot be stopped by heavy weapons.


This beetle-like monster can (if it wants to) fly over obstacles, so it has to be fought with (surface-to-air ) missiles. The air force has an additional weapon to combat the monsters (acid bomb).


This beetle-like monster can fly quickly over obstacles, so it must be fought with (surface-to-air ) missiles. The air force has an additional weapon to combat the monsters (acid bomb).


This snail-like monster is only used for reconnaissance. It is not aggressive, runs very slowly and can glide over dangerous obstacles.


This snail-like monster moves slowly and can glide over dangerous obstacles. It is capable of firing at our units over a medium distance.


This sluggish snail-like monster can fire at our units from a short distance and is able to glide over dangerous obstacles.


This snail-like, sluggish monster can be dangerous to our units due to its shooting power and is able to glide over dangerous obstacles.


This caterpillar-like monster is very aggressive and can attack and destroy its enemies.


This caterpillar-like monster is only used for reconnaissance. It is very fast and not aggressive.


This caterpillar-like monster is only used for reconnaissance. It is not aggressive and tries to reach the headquarters as quickly as possible.


This caterpillar-like monster runs fast and can become dangerous by attacking its enemies with its front grapples.


This one-eyed monster can damage our units at medium range thanks to its far-sightedness.


This one-eyed slow monster can damage our units at greater distances thanks to its far-sightedness.


This one-eyed fast monster can damage our units at greater distances thanks to its far-sightedness.


This somewhat strange-looking, fast and aggressive monster can destroy our units at a great distance.


This somewhat strange-looking, fast and aggressive monster can destroy our units at medium range.


This aggressive spider-like monster must not be shot at under any circumstances! Use the air force to stun it (sodium bomb). It can subsequently be attacked.


This spider-like monster appears in a group and drops small parasites when destroyed. This could become very dangerous near the headquarters.


This aggressive spider-like monster appears in a group and drops small parasites when destroyed. This could become very dangerous near the headquarters.


This monster can fire a bomb-like substance over a long distance. It is very aggressive and should be eliminated as quickly as possible.


This monster can fire its dangerous bomb-like substance over a very long distance. It should be destroyed as quickly as possible because it is one of the most dangerous units.

The enemy can also break through your defences using targeted airstrikes. These are indicated by corresponding black symbols at the top right. There are different weapons systems that the enemy can use. As soon as an airstrike is imminent, the area being targeted is marked in red. You will then have about 5 seconds to build your defences. All you have to do is build an anti-aircraft unit in the marked area. As soon as the area is shown in green, the units positioned there are safe against an attack.

The following air support is available to the enemy:

Surface Strike: The marked area is targeted. All defence units will be neutralised.

Targeted Strike: A defence unit will be targeted and either be destroyed, impaired, or damaged. If it is damaged, you will have about 5 seconds to repair the unit. Tap on the unit and select the „Repair“ option. However, in some cases the electronics of the defence unit are impaired and they fail for a certain amount of time.

Smoke Cloud: The marked area is targeted by smoke bombs.

Electric shock: The unit under attack will not be available for long because there has been interference with the electronics.

Blind Shells: Certain weapons systems misfire.

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Rankings and achievements

You can achieve the following achievements in the game and share them with your friends.

  • 1.000 destroy slug-like monsters

  • 900 destroy beetle-like monsters

  • 800 destroy caterpillar-like monsters

  • 700 destroy one-eyed monsters

  • 600 destroy multi-eyed monsters

  • 500 destroy spider-like monsters

  • 400 destroy flying monsters

  • 300 destroy pug-like monsters

  • 200 destroy highly explosive spider-like monsters

  • 100 Win games

  • Clear mission 1 completely

  • Clear mission 2 completely

  • Clear mission 3 completely

  • Clear mission 4 completely

You can also work your way up from the rank of „Private“ to „General“.

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